Dr OniBamidele

Oni bamidele Agricolafrique

Dr OniBamidele

General Manager, Agricolafrique

With more than 10 years cumulative experience and significant achievements in the agriculture industry specifically poultry, Oni Bamidele continually seeks to be part of proactive organizations that values innovation, passion, excellence and excellent execution prowess.


  • Farm set up and management
  • Well-grounded in both business and technical aspects of the agribusiness.
  • Ensuring efficient and effective running of all aspects of farm operations
  • Managing, training and motivating farm staff
  • Maintaining safe working practices
  • Ensuring the welfare of livestock on the farm
  • Achieving production targets
  • Effective Feed management and control
  • Vaccinations and drug administration
  • Accuracy of forecasts and record-keeping
  • General financial management – production of cost-effective egg/bird etc

Close monitoring of the P2P (Production/Purchase to Pay) value chain